Tim Novis

Personal Site Redesign

For over a year I've been trying to get a portfolio design that I'm happy with. This is my latest effort, what do you guys think? The 'other work' section when clicked would expand out in to a fancy box of the project. Feedback would be amazing, thanks!

Two Door Cinema Club Mockup Site

I got rather bored, so I designed to mock up the homepage of a fan club for the band of Two Door Cinema Club. It's not great, but it was quick.

Spectrum Portfolio

After feedback of needing more colour, depth etc. I've come up with this idea for my portfolio. Feedback anyone?

Concept for portfolio

After weeks of thinking new ideas for my portfolio, I've come up with this concept. What are your thoughts?

Name this font?

While I was wandering around Brighton, I came across this font on the street. I really really like it, and I thought I'd ask you, the design community: What font is it?

Motivational Square

I made a simple typographic wallpaper.

Bedrock Music Shop Flyer PRINTED

This is a flyer/poster that I made for a local musical equipment store, he sent the design off to be printed, and this is the result. I'm pretty pleased with it. The A3 posters haven't been printed yet, but the flyers are pretty nice.

New Business Cards Arrived

These are my new business cards, designed in Photoshop, then in Illustrator, saved as a PDF and sent off to Moo for printing, result? Amazing. Extremely pleased with these cards.