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Tiffany Israel

Easter Service Flyer

A flyer design to commemorate Sojourn Church's 5th Annual outdoor Easter Service at the Seabridge Marina. I've wanted to try something in this style for a while.

Christmas Cards: Tifferbread

As a creative person, I try to take every opportunity (and sometimes invent a few as well) to exercise my creativity. So every year instead of getting store bought cards, or using pre-made templates I design my Christmas cards from scratch. It's often a great opportunity to explore a style or aesthetic that I've seen and appreciate but haven't been able to explore in my commissioned work. I always seem to be fond of vintage 60s illustration type work, and while this is more of a generic vintage I think I'm getting closer to that look I adore. Original Post

Christmas Under the Star(s) (Wars)

Ever since it's 2nd year, I've been designing the flyers for Sojourn Church's "Christmas Under the Stars" event. This year I hit a creative road block, because Christmas is such a long word, and how does one typographically represent these words in a aesthetically pleasing way that also highlights the right words. Call it divine inspiration, or maybe the force was with me, but I came up with a Star Wars inspired flyer. In a feat of revers engineering, the theme of the flyer begat the theme of the event. The event will now include a Star Wars themed reading of 'Twas the Night before Christmas. Special thanks to @sensibleworld for creating the cute set of Star Wars icons that I used in the flyer, and the amazing Star Jedi font!

Colour Me Nerdy

I never pass up an opportunity to create clever logos. With this logo I took the iconic shape of "Buddy Holly" style glasses and morphed my type to match. To turn it up a notch I made a template and sprayed white t-shirts with Scotch Guard so the color form the Color Run wouldn't stain the logo/sprayed area.

Podcast Cover

My first podcast cover design (yep, that's my mom).

Ventura County Churches Logo

A logo for a website that rates and reviews local churches in Ventura County. This isn't my most profound or elaborate but for a quick effort, and pretty pleased.

German Camera Productions Logo

After seeing many facebook posts by my former video documentary teacher for his production company, German Camera, an idea for a logo struck.I got the image of a german flag with it's three horizontal stripes and the addition of sprocket holes (I googled it) to imitate film. A quick sketch to capture the idea, and some meticulous work in Illustrator and viola! UPDATED: Correct colors!

Personal Branding

Working on a personal brand signature. My biggest concern is the start of the T, I'm not sure if I like the initial slopping.