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Makeup design

This is the main home page, the sub feature will not have so much copy but this is the amount taken from the current site.

Help those in need

I was lucky enough to work on this project at work, we integrated a Facebook connect and a physical robot arm that can sign a petition using your Facebook name. We made the site 100% responsive, even the full screen video on the home page. It was a great learnig experience and is for a great cause. Please check out the site and if you feel inclined to do so, sign the petition. It will make a big difference to those who need it most.

Is there something missing?

I started this a long time ago but never got around to finishing it, thought I would try and bring it up to scratch but wanted to get and idea of what you guys thought and if there is anything Im missing?

Blog site design

A quick proposal mock-up, not quite sure on the header and navigation though I always get stuck on the navigation!. Any ideas appreciated.

Working on new site theme

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would share a theme design I have been working on and see if you guys have any good ideas for it.

Butcher's website, sorry vegetarians..

I'm trying a different approach and design, all help appreciated. Now rip it apart!