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Thomas Cullen

One of those my portfolio posts

Hey guys, i just updated my portfolio site & wanted to show it off to the community. Any feedback would be great. thanks.

Barret Design Feedback?

hey guys, been a while since I posted a design I was working on but I need some feedback with this one. I want it to be minimal & clean so its hard to think of stuff to add in. Any feedback would be awesome.

New Projectrackr Design

Hey guys, another projectrackr post :) We have been working hard before launching on revamping the app. We have decided to go with simplicity and this is what we have. Any feed back would be awesome! You can sign up for the release Here

Cassie Tumblr Theme

Design for my new tumblr theme for themeforest. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

Boden Template - Feedback Please

Hey guys, over the last week or so my self and a co worker have been working on a html template for themeforest. We would love any feedback you guys have.

New Projectrackr Design - Feedback Please

We decided to redesign Projectrackr from the ground up. Feedback is much appreciated.

Computer Chip

Taking a break from the other things & did up a little computer chip icon just for fun. Feedback is more than welcome

Notifications Drop Down

The new notifications drop down for the Projectrackr dashboard. Feedback is welcome!