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Terry Apodaca

My Personal Site and Portfolio

I made a few changes compared to the first one...most of which you probably won't notice. Pretty much finished with this (home page design, etc)...but would still like some more feedback from everyone. Original Post: forrst.com/people/terryapodaca/… with some feedback. For now, I am leaving the Logo alone...I am sure most of you are like me and have a hard enough time designing ANYTHING for yourself (personal use) and this is that exact thing for me. I like the logo, so I can't get creative enough to change it yet. It's simple enough that in a few weeks I can change it easily. @lukeluukeluuuke I am on the fence with your original comment. No, i am not a corporate executive, far from it actually. I work for a small IT company doing just about all the web design and development...extremely layed back. I have asked several people close to me and that know my personality pretty well...and every single one of them said this design does best resemble me as both a Designer/Developer and Personally. Not too stiff, but professional enough that clients will be confident in my work. My Wife and a close friend called it "Simple & Elegant". And really that's the look i was going for.

My Personal Site and Portfolio

Home Page I've always had trouble designing my own personal site/portfolio but this time I feel like i have gotten off to a great start. I love it so far, but I have drawn a blank and wanted to get some input from everyone. I almost feel like it could be finished right now, and take away the Testimonials, Social, Search...and maybe place those in the footer somehow? Or maybe change the color, make the boxes just a tad bit bigger (taller) and just have the search, small social icons, and one rotating testimonial... I need some input please!

Ripple SilverStripe Theme

SilverStripe Theme Contest entry. This is the home page. You can can view the contest and my entry here: Ripple on.fb.me/…

Greg Borrowdale, DDS

this is my 6th round with him and revisions to the design. I waited until now to post this to all of you for feedback because I knew we were going to go back and forth on the design aspects. I can show other versions if needed...I am not a huge fan of the wood floors.


jQuery + NivoSlider + Ken Burns Effect

I have a client that loves their NivoSlider I used on their home page...but they ran across what people are calling the Ken Burns Effect (or CrossSlide): tobia.github.com/CrossSlide/ I was digging into the NivoSlider code itself...but I am no JS Ninja (at least not good enough to make those kind of changes). I did come across a small "hack" here: stackoverflow.com/questions/7719553/… but I can't seem to get this to work very well. The images and their positions are always off. I was wondering if anyone on here might have combined the two...and if so, how successful were you and would you be willing to share the code for it?

Iconic Phones

New Venture for this client...idea is to find Free Cell Phones and Services through government and educational grants and offers. These will be based on your state, and different offers will be available. Mostly for those a little less fortunate that need a phone that can't really afford it. Simple design, simple navigation...nothing too flashy so the end user knows exactly what the site is for and where to look for what they want. The client did request the ads in the side sections...though I am not a fan of it, I tried to make it as nice looking as I could...any advice on this would be great!

NovaStar Construction Group

novastarconstructiongroup.com/ New design for a friend of mine's Storm Restoration and Disaster Recovery website. He's never really had a website (as you can tell in the link) that was fully functional...so keep in mind that he will get professional photography done for the slider and other images used around the site.

Webers Original

The site is currently just on Etsy and she'd like to also have all her products sold on her own site, so she doesn't have to pay any fees or whatever. She likes the Darkness with the brighter offerings. Adding more content and images are next on the design but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have now...