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Teagan Atwater

Website Tray Navigation Pattern

First, a disclosure: I love the idea of moving the whole website over to reveal the navigation tray below. I think it's really slick as well as unique in the world of desktop websites, and in my particular case (http://forr.st/~3mF) it helps remove clutter from above the fold so that the focus can be on the slideshow of my recent projects. That said, requiring my user to click once before seeing the possible places to go makes them take an extra, unnecessary step. This creates some level of friction for a user trying to move around a new website. So I guess I would like to open up a discussion here about the benefits and downsides to implementing this kind of navigation pattern in a desktop site (a fad that is spreading to quite a few desktop sites in one form or another), what the possible effects are on usability, efficiency, and visual interest, as well as what helpful actions might be taken by us designers to aid users unfamiliar with this pattern. Thank you for your participation, and I hope we can all learn something from this! :)


Personal Website Homepage [In Progress]

I've gotten some great feedback on my new site redesign, and have been working on-and-off on v2.1. Here's where I currently stand with the new slideshow! Thoughts and critique are welcome, and thank you in advance for your help!

Personal Website Homepage [In Progress]

With some minor work left to do on the development side of my project, I thought I might share my design for my new personal website to get a first round of revisions before I publish at the end of this week! My primary goal on the homepage is to highlight some of my work, though I also want to show who I am and what I can do. My questions for you all regarding this would be "Is this design effective at showcasing these three things? How could it be moreso?" If you landed here, would you be prompted to look more into my projects? Would you read through my services and do the images help you understand each service I provide? I settled on a repeated wood pattern for the footer so far, but I'm trying to figure out if it fits the rest of the design or what I might choose for there instead.

Flat Code Editor Graphic

I'm redesigning my personal website (more posts to come shortly!) and I was using a screenshot of some code in Sublime Text for a while but the graphic was too busy. It wasn't my screenshot so the code was someone else's too, and I felt weird about that. So today I sat down and created a simple, clean graphic to replace it! I'd love to hear constructive criticism regarding layout, spacing, size, etc! Thank you for your help!

Style and the City [In Progress]

Style and the City has been a fashion blog since 2007 run by one guy - a photographer - for the entire time. He recently joined forces with a friend of mine and they've grown the business to a small team and are hoping to reface the whole experience, essentially creating something new and fresh while keeping the existing audience. They hired me to create a "Coming Soon" teaser page that they are also going to use as part of their applications to a few competitions for funding to get a boost. Therefore, my goal was the following: Using a fancy (but not out-of-reach) style, showcase the current design goals for the upcoming mobile app and reenvisioned services and to talk about the team and the product to give an idea of what it's currently does and where they want to take it. Email collection was an important part of this, because they want to keep people interested and up-to-date with what's happening as well as attract new subscribers. You will notice that I'm missing program screenshots in the Here's What's Next section, and there is plenty of dummy text while I wait for content. Since I've reached a stopping point with the content and guidance I've been given I figured now would be a good time to get some design feedback before I proceed! I would love to hear feedback on the overall style, the layout, the organization (content order - which won't be super easy with large chunks missing, but the headings should give a pretty decent idea of what'll eventually be there), as well as any other ideas! Thank you so much!

Higher Ed Reputation

Higher Ed Reputation serves post-secondary educational institutions (public and private traditional colleges, universities, community colleges, technical schools, etc.) by helping them make themselves more desirable in the marketplace by strengthening their online presence, customer service, outreach, and other aspects of their public face. This is the second iteration of the design, and the client is very pleased with this, as he called it, "hip and modern" style. The content is a mixture of stuff I wrote as filler and some quickly edited bits from the previous, different style so the copy is by no means final. Since the ball is now in his court while he revises the content, I'm very interested in some design-oriented peer review! I'd love to know what works and what could be better, and I have specific interest in improving the footer which I believe to be the weakest part. Thank you very much! Edit: Any input on the logo is appreciated as well. Since this company is just starting, I'm creating their branding as part of this project. My client likes the circle icon with the column, and it's a derivative of the one for the parent company (I only changed the color). I am not completely pleased with the text parts of the logo and the way they relate to one another and the column-circle. Thanks in advance for your help!

Rensselyrics (Multiple Page Version)

The Rensselyrics is an a cappella group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They wanted a website for announcements, an event listing, some group photos, their YouTube playlist, album, member profiles, alumni list, and audition information. Announcements and events needed to be easily available, so they fill up the Home page along with a slideshow and an "About" blurb. I grouped the other requirements into three pages: Music, Members, and Auditions. I personally like the one-page feel of my previous post, but the group isn't so thrilled and wanted me to split it up into separate pages. These are screenshots from the new, multiple page version. I would love to hear feedback on how I could make the site look more polished! I'm still not completely happy with the non-Home pages, especially their navbar and style in general feels more boring than the one-page version. Any ideas on spicing it up would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

North Country Door - Order Page

North Country Door sells custom cabinet components. They came to me because they had been using a free template website that they weren't pleased with. Their order form was a very complicated collection of form fields that didn't provide the customer with any indication as to what, exactly, they were ordering. Customers would have to choose a door style by its code (e.g. GCP-62), for example, without knowing what it looked like. This required customers to reference other areas of their site, and leaving the form lost their progress. As the ordering process is the main focus of this site, it has required the most attention. I have tried to limit the number of fields requiring manual input as well as allow for easier choice-making on the fly. It is still unfinished; I have many more line drawings to make for different doors and drawers and there's some missing functionality, but for the most part the visual pieces are all together. I appreciate all critiques, from style and aesthetics through usability! Thank you!