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Syamil MJ

SMOF - Slightly Modified Options Framework

Options Framework with some cool features such as drag-n-drop slider, layout manager, background images and styled to match WP's ui. Some top Themeforest authors have been using it since the start of its development. Available on Github - github.com/sy4mil/…

My first WordPress theme - Burette

Wow. I can't I believe I actually finished the theme. 3 months went into building the framework from scratch, another month to actually materialise the design! It has been a truly amazing journey, it's insane how much I've learned in those 4 months. And man, WordPress is an awesome piece of software! If you wanna have a peek at it, it's here --> themes.aquagraphite.com/burette/ Would love to hear some feedbacks :)

Simple Testimonial Box

I've tried looking at some testimonial boxes, and while they are nice and all - I would always prefer doing it on my own. This is what I ended up with - simple and clean (IMO).

Dropdown Navigation

I used jquery plugin Quicksand to sort the portfolio items on my Wordpress theme. I figured if you have more than a handful of portfolio categories than the traditional inline navigation would quickly becomes cluttered. This whole thing was constructed with CSS except for the up/down arrows. See it in action themes.aquagraphite.com/burette/portfolio/

Comments box

The comment box for a Wordpress theme I'm working on. Trying to style the comments so that it separates from the rest of the contents, yet not too heavy that it stands out too much.

Gallery slider

Just a preview of a gallery slider I'm working on for a Wordpress theme. Trying to keep things minimal for the most part. Used javascript plugin from slidesjs.com Oh, and those pretty cutesy kitties are from Peter Hasselbom flickr.com/photos/… :)