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Max Degterev  Pro

Wow such instamap!

Hey guys, I just launched an app that gives your instagram "photomap" feature on the web. I did it all responsive and stuff, but I am not sure that the footer on the map works well, and I don't particularly like how the "search" feature works currently. Also loading experience sucks, I need to make a web socket there so you can actually see how the photos are being loaded etc. Check it out, tell me what do you think! Any ideas how to improve are welcome! [http://instamap.me](http://instamap.me)


ExpressJS boilerplate and some Cakefile magic?

Good day, fellow awesome NodeJS developers! I created this expressJS boilerplate that I use for most of my apps https://github.com/suprMax/express-boilerplate I was wondering if I was missing some cool nodejs kung-fu that others are using in their apps. Do you have any recommendations for me on how to improve the architecture? The main concern is how to easily share the logic between back-end and front-end, including templates. If you have some tips on that it'd be awesome, as right now i just manually do something like `include ../../shared/blabla.jade` Also if you have some cool Cakefile recipes that help you with your workflow please do share!

iOS-like calendar for web-apps

Since Ostrovok’s mobile website I worked so hard on is now live, I gonna post some of the UI parts as an open-source projects. So here you go. iOS like datespicker. Tested in iOS, Android 2.x, 4.x and Opera Mobile. Demo: maxdegterev.name/experiments/zdatespicker/ GitHub: github.com/suprMax/… Blog post: maxdegterev.name/javascript-2/ios-like-calendar-for-web-applications/ Opinions? Improvemens? Everyone is welcome to discuss!


Need help with JavaScript events handling

Hi guys! I've made this wonderful plugin github.com/suprMax/… which works perfectly besides one little detail. When I get callback function I need to store it alongside with my real event handler so I can detach it when someone tries to remove event handler and provide me the original callback. So basically I need to be able to store multiple key-value pairs per element where the key supposed to be a function and value is a function too. And I tried to do just that, but right now the script makes (function(){}).toString() internally. Which is not a beast idea since I can remove wrong event handlers because (function(){}).toString() === (function(){}).toString(). I suppose there is a better way to do just that. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Advanced datepicker

I wanted to share a datepicker I made for the Ostrovok hotel page lately. Due to the specificity of business it has to select dates ranges. We tried to make a dates row instead of usual calendar approach. Since the check in is usually performed around 12-1pm, we had to put the selection handles in the middle of the day. Handles also snap to the dates so you can’t place them in inappropriate positions. Full blog post: maxdegterev.name/javascript-2/advanced-datepicker/ Source at GitHub: github.com/suprMax/… UX suggestions are always welcome!


CSS Geeks, need help

Is there a simple way to style element like this? imm.io/… Supposed to be used on a mobile so CSS3 is fully available. Cant. think of a simple way. Images are out of question :(


Things I've learned from mobile webdev

There's some stuff I've learned recently about development for the mobile browsers. I wanted to share that experience since it may be relevant to the others. It covers some iPhone and Android quirks, bugs, and ways to fix them. Hope you enjoy it maxdegterev.name/misc/things-ive-learned-from-developing-for-mobile/