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How to make fullscreen slider with scrolling?

Hi! I’m struggling with this problem for a few days now. I want to make website where you can swipe next article from the side of document (something like super big slider)

Typography exercises

Hello everyone, Since the day I started my adventure with graphic design I had this awful problem. I just can't learn how to work with typography. I know that it's basically foundation of most of design fields. I really like webdesign, which let's me spread my wings. But there was not even one time when my design didn't need typo fixes. As it's said that you can make website with only type, I decided to devote some of my time to make few of typo-only webdesigns to get at least a little better with this defect of mine. Now here is the question- I made this really simple webdesign. Could You take a look and comment what's not right? Thank You very much! I chose Verdana as body font with 16px size and 26px line height. Heading are 32px (2x) and in footer they are 24px (1.5x). There's also my baseline grid with 960.gs 12 column guides: img38.imageshack.us/img38/2605/…