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Stuart Robson


Creating a colour palette mixin in Sass

I wrote a post on using colour palettes and creating a mixin from them using Sass last night.


My own 'boilerplate' or 'starting point'

I really love all of the boilerplates/frameworks and starting points that pop up daily. They give great insight into how other people like to code and work. This may or may not work for you and you can or can not use one out of the box. For me I really like granular control of what is in my 'starting point' set of files. So I made this - a slightly bizarre starting point - a set of files and folders to 'get me going' on client and personal projects. As a bonus there's also a starting point for the Perch CMS and a starting point for Mixture.io


LESS mixins for typography

Ages ago I wrote a LESS mixin that would calculate the font-size in REMs with a PX fallback and also give a line-height and margin-bottom (in REMS with a PX fallback). I updated this today to include a basic mixin for just font-size and for font-size w/ line height


The lack of media queries in your development

I wrote a short piece suggestion you don't forget your first media query. The one that doesn't exist


Develop your styleguides with code

A reply of thoughts from a post by Mark Boulton.


a mini series on structuring Sass

I've been writing a mini series on how I use and structure Sass for client work.


Don't use maximum-scale in your responsive development

After reading a post where I saw the viewport meta tag being 'bastardised' (in my opinion) I wrote a post on why not to and what to do instead

Always Twisted redux ('blog page')

Here's what I've been working on, in amongst article writing, consultancy and plain coding. Hoping to get into the code for this very, very soon.