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Steve Fuller

my new logo

Ok here is the one I want to go with. Any suggestions? Criticism? I am not sold on the background texture so that will probably change a couple more times. :)


Square Div to Circle Div

A fiddle for making some circles out of squares and rotating text a bit. It's not supported in IE. But nice to know, just in case they get their shit together...

Desk pad corner with stitching

Hey what do yall think of this for one corners? I normally don't use them much so I haven't made too many. Is it me or does something look a little off? Any tips? EDIT: added stitching


An easy user log in/out system for newbie php developers

Hey Yall, Here is an easy user management system, or at least the beginning components of one, that I use all the time for simple stuff. This is my github repo for the code, and I have two "demos" that can show you how this can work. One is a control panel type app where every page is protected and you must log in at the homepage and logging out redirects you and all pages are protected and will ALSO redirect you to the home page as well as a simple members only type of thing where the content changes dynamically based on logged on state. Here are the links to the demos: Control Panel demo Members Only site demo This has been built using php/mysql and I have plans on updating it with a few more goodies in the future. Any feedback on the quality of the source code would be much appreciated! Thanks! UPDATED: Newbies, please understand that this is a starting point for a tutorial I am in the process of writing for creating secure user I/O systems. This code is a starting point ONLY and has security flaws that will be resolved within the tutorial. This is for learning purposes and should be considered not secure enough to just copy and paste into your site! For example, I have NOT addressed SQL injection AT ALL YET. Thanks for your interest but this is NOT a complete, ready to use app. Not just yet!



Learn to speak binary! Or code messages to your friends. This is something similar to what I was testing for a client yesterday and I figured anyone wanting to translate text into binary and back again (not so super secret spy decoder ring) for sending crazy messages to people in binary, I would hook ya up. Send 'em a block of code and a link back to the page :)

Revised company logo, what about this one?

What do you think about this logo? This one is my favorite so far, but I am biased since it's for my own company.

CSS 3 "Logo" inspired by HTML 5 Logo

What do you guys think about this little item, inspired by that fairly popular 3D version of the html5 logo?

Possible new header/logo for my soon to be developed business site

ok playing around with tagline fonts and something to dress up the house but getting closer to something! Hey everyone, what do y'all think about this, I am considered this as a start for a new design for my own company. This site will soon replace my main website. So..... Thumbs up or thumbs down? p.s. This is the first one so far....