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Siddharth Arun

Announcing 365 Instagramers!

365 Instagramers is a little fun weekend project based on the Instagram API that showcases one Instagramer everyday of the year. http://365instagramers.com

Curated Blogs

I'm super excited to announce the launch of yet another small personal project - http://curatedblogs.net. Curated Blogs is a collection of the most beautifully designed blogs on the internet. If you've got one, check out the "Suggest" link! Also I'd love your comments / feedback / critiques / suggestions.


					$postThumbnailID = get_post_thumbnail_id( $postID );
				    $imgmeta = wp_get_attachment_metadata( $postThumbnailID );
				// Convert the shutter speed retrieve from database to fraction
				      if ((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']) > 1)
				         if ((number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 1)) == 1.3
				         or number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 1) == 1.5
				         or number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 1) == 1.6
				         or number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 1) == 2.5){
				            $pshutter = "1/" . number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 1, '.', '') . " second";
				           $pshutter = "1/" . number_format((1 / $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed']), 0, '.', '') . " second";
				         $pshutter = $imgmeta['image_meta']['shutter_speed'] . " seconds";
				// Start to display EXIF and IPTC data of digital photograph
				       echo "Camera: " . $imgmeta['image_meta']['camera']."<br />";
				       echo "Focal Length: " . $imgmeta['image_meta']['focal_length']."mm<br />";
				       echo "Aperture: f/" . $imgmeta['image_meta']['aperture']."<br />";
				       echo "ISO: " . $imgmeta['image_meta']['iso']."<br />";
				       echo "Shutter Speed: " . $pshutter . "<br />";
				       echo "Lens: " . $imgmeta['image_meta']['lens-id']."<br />";

How do I show 'lens' EXIF data in wordpress?

Hey folks, Got a question. I've managed to pull all the exif data from an image and display on my wordpress photo blog. The only thing missing is the 'lens'. Any idea how I can add it? Take a look at the existing code.


Developing a RSS feed from an API

Over the past few weeks I've been working on PSDDD - a curated collection of freebies and resources from Dribbble. I really want to introduce an RSS feed - but I've hit a problem there. None of the "shots" you see on PSDDD are stored in the database - its direct from the Dribbble API (as it should be). I was wondering how to create and RSS feed from it. As I'm fetching all the data from the API, it times out because of the volume of data involved - and I'm not going to be able to load the data from the database. Any solutions?


Updated: Finally managed to implement categories on http://psddd.co

Hey folks, Thanks for the great feedback on my last post regarding http://psddd.co Based on the feedback we got, we've implemented categories through which you can browse shots. Let me know what you think?

Announcing Psddd.

PSDDD is a collection of resources from Dribbble for the creative professional. Put it together over the weekend after I spent a long time looking for a particular freebie on Dribbble. What do you guys think? http://psddd.co There's a lot of features pending, such as categories, search and RSS feeds. All that and more coming in V2, once Glyph takes flight! But please let me know what can be improved here. Note - Psddd is powered by the Dribbble API.

Glyph Homepage V2 [WIP]

Working on a version 2 homepage for Glyph. What do you guys think?

Glyph - Choose your theme

Hey folks, here's an idea for the "choose your theme" page on Glyph. The idea is to show only what's necessary - we'll have tooltips on the icons. Can you guess what they represent?