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Sergey Stoma

Metrize Icons - 300 Icons for Designers and Developers

Free Collection of 300 Metro-Style Icons for Designers and Developers. Metrize Icons is a free icon set, it works perfectly for your apps or web projects. You may use these icons for both commercial and personal projects and customize them any way you like. The download includes: - PSD (Single Shape Layer) - SVG (Single Icon 512 x 512) - EPS - AI - PDF - Web Font The bundle also include Metrize Font Icons, inside you will find a simple guide how to use the webfont with @font-face, the necessary scripts for compatibility with IE7 and the complete character map. Big thanks to Icomoon App for creating/editing the webfont. Enjoy Metrize Icons

Metrize Icons [WIP-2]

I am continuing with the creation of this new set, now I'm now up to 300, most likely I will update this set with the addition of new icons sometimes. I still have to prepare the web page of this set :/


What No One Told You About Z-Index

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Prepare yourself on laying in shock and disbelief while you read how actually the simple specification of `z-index` is not so simple. > Z-index seems so simple: elements with a higher z-index are stacked in front of elements with a lower z-index, right? Well, actually, no.

Knóbz UI Kit Vol.5 Preview

This is a preview shot of next volume of Knóbz UI Kit. All done in Photoshop, all layers are scalable vector shapes, no raster. This kit will be usable for any kind of design: desktop app (like VST plugins, sequencers or sound editing software); mobile apps for iPad or Android (like DJ mixers or virtual touch synthesizers); print media (even in 300-600 dpi); multimedia (TV and broadcast) or even product design - you may construct your own guitar pedal or power amplifier just using this UI kit. In attachment - full preview with switches part. Previous volumes of Knóbz are here: http://u.to/kH6_Ag Previous huge and fresh Ruthenium UI Kit here: http://u.to/4b69Ag Big respects for any ideas, suggestions and wishes. And and many many thanks for shares via Twitter, FB and Pinterest.


Moving Forward: A Few New Changes

It's only been a few days since the announcement and we're excited to be driving things forward. We know everyone's excited to hear what's been going on.

New Year, New Changes

Today ushers in a new day for Forrst as ZURB is now driving the site forward. As ZURB's Chief Instigator, I wanted to share a little bit about us and why we've accepted this wonderful responsibility. Long before I understood design, I was making art in middle school on a Commodore that my parents got for listening to a vacation rental pitch. I was amazed at how I could make a program that would display a picture. It was eye opening. Years later, I was introduced to an Apple IIGS that furthered my interest in digital art. I'd spend hours noodling over pixels to recreate sports logos, athletes or objects. In those days there was one undo, but small stuff like that didn't ever get in the way of making things. This new medium sparked my creative energy. Like many of you, I'm sure you also have your own stories of how you got involved in creating stuff on a computer. Stories that bring us all along the same path through the forest that is the web. Forrst is a unique opportunity for designers and developers to share their work and learn from each other. The stories you tell about the work you're creating is magical and uplifting. No matter what stage of your design or development education, there's always something you can be learning. It's what makes our careers so exciting. It's also what makes it challenging- so much to learn, but never enough ways to keep on top of everything. ZURB has been committed to helping people learn over the last 15 years and it's what's kept us fresh as a company. We intend to grow with you, the Forrst community, and learn some things along the way. We'll also have some fun along the way. So, how will we be driving Forrst forward? Ambitious plans won't cut it as we have to earn your trust. So we'll skip the feature laundry list, though we'll keep the conversation going. What we will do is share our immediate efforts to push Forrst in the right direction. Kyle got things started in 2009 with the right ideas and we intend to evolve the ones that make the most sense for the community. Not everything has been peachy lately and we're not oblivious to people's concerns. We have three focus areas to strengthen the community: 1. Renewed focus on providing service and building a solid community: We're here to listen, participate and foster a healthy design community. 2. Increase design community engagement: With 15 years of design experience, a product suite of design tools and a top 20 open source project, Foundation, ZURB is here to jump start activity on the site with quality feedback. 3. Center the community around design feedback: We're going to provide the resource and tools that you need to solicit and give solid design feedback. It's a straightforward plan based on fundamentals that work. We're focused on helping people succeed. We want to see Forrst give people an opportunity to learn design and develop better products. We're here to listen and foster a healthy educational environment for all designers and developers to grow in their skills. Show and tell is so yesterday — we're here to learn! Thanks again for all those over the years that have made Forrst a great place to learn. Bryan

HDJ-2000 icon

iOS style icon of Pioneer's HDJ-2000 headphone. Mostly done in Illustrator CS6. See the speed up video of the process here: https://vimeo.com/51721177


How to trace and debug an iOS crash (Part 2)

> # Dead end > Having reached a dead end, decided to take a look at the client side in an effort to understand more about the request/response cycle. [How to trace and debug an iOS crash][1] [1]: http://qnoid.com/2012/10/21/How-to-trace-and-debug-an-iOS-crash-%28Part-2%29.html