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Sergey Lukin


Styling the first N HTML elements

My recent blog post on [styling the first N HTML elements ](http://sergeylukin.com/2013/styling-first-n-html-elements/) using CSS3 selector


Styling HTML elements based on locale

My recent post on styling HTML elements based on their locale: [http://sergeylukin.com/2013/styling-html-elements-based-on-locale/](http://sergeylukin.com/2013/styling-html-elements-based-on-locale/)

Pure CSS responsive Skills Diagram for Resume

Couldn't find any satisfying existing solution for my resume so decided to create my own. Live Demo: http://sergeylukin.com/css-skills-diagram/ UPDATE 2013/06/11 5:45 GMT: I just released addition to this diagram which powers it with real data from external service. You can play with it LIVE at the same page. Enjoy


Meet the new Programming Design Patterns resource

Meet the new Programming Design Patterns resource I've started with comrades on Github


Ruby on Rails magic: models relation

Small tip on writing self-explanatory code with ActiveRecord Models in Ruby on Rails


Yeoman on FreeBSD 9

A small guide on how I got Yeoman up and running on FreeBSD 9


Ruby on Rails magic

My blog post on what I found most exciting in Ruby on Rails magic so far

Redesigned personal website

This is my newly redesigned (now responsive) personal website. I'm not designer/UX specialist so am not sure if usability is good enough and would be glad to receive some feedback from you. Thanks