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Sarah Edwards  Pro

Redesign of personal project

Hello Forrsters! I woke up at 5.30am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I did what any normal, well-adjusted, not-at-all-obsessive person does at that time of the morning... designed a website!! It's a redesign of one of my personal projects (http://www.craftyintentions.co.uk/) which is a website where I offer free digital craft downloads for making handmade cards.

Design iterations on Showreel website

Thank you to @albanesetr and @BespokePixels for your detailed comments on my previous post about this website. I've worked on several different iterations of the design, and I'd really appreciate some more feedback as to whether the changes I made are effective, and which of the different options below I should go with. The original design can be found here: http://forrst.com/posts/F7K/original/5cm I have made the following changes to the design: - Change the background of the active tabs / accordion to light grey instead of blue - Reduced the amount of drop shadows used on text - Made the active link in the navigation have a coloured background instead of blue - Changed the subheading font in the header to match the body copy - Changed the font of the CTA buttons to match the body copy - Changed the body copy colour from black (#000) to dark grey (#222)

Redesigning for content

Hello! Here's another post of me trying to be a designer... ;-) I'm redesigning a website to update the original design that I did about a year ago due to it being quite poor-performing in search and not getting any visitors. We are working on a new content strategy to add more information to the site, and based the new layout on a desire to show more content on the homepage, and better showcase the services that the company offers. The company is called "The Reel Room", they primarily produce showreels for actors, but also offer other production services such as filming for music videos & short films, voicereels and post production. Here is the original design: