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Ryan Payne

Updated - New Grocery Retailer Build

Here is an updated snap of yesterday's post. I've implemented some of your suggestions but would still love to hear other opinions. Is the glider area too large? Is there a better way to balance the bottom row since the Featured Recipe block is not the same size as the others? Maybe try it out as the first or last item?

404 Illustration

This is an illustration for my company's new 404 error page. Here is the progress so far from inked sketch to screen. I scanned the sketch, imported and traced in Illustrator, and then colored in Photoshop. It's my first digitization of a sketch and i think it turned out pretty well. Opinions? Tips?


Thanks, Steve

Today, I created a little splash page honor Steve Jobs. He was an inspiration to our company and it's employees. In addition to honoring a great mind it was a fun little project to work on. I drew the product icons and got to do some fancy animation-delay as well. The heartfelt note is from @AgentG. What do you think?

Logo Concepts for Outdoor Brewing (outdoorbrewing.com)

This logo is for a blog about home brewing, specifically brewing outdoors. The client requested a specific color palette and wanted to incorporate barley or hops somehow. Do you feel any of these concepts are better than the others? Why? I'm leaning towards the top-left one at the moment. It's not my favorite look out of all of them but I feel like it best represents the outdoor theme. Do you immediately recognize the stripes as a fence? I would love your feedback.

Upcoming Tumblr Theme

A start to a new Tumblr theme for my good friend Sean who runs Popcorn Noises. This will be my first Tumblr theme! The right column is looking a little bare right now but there will be a twitter feed, other links, etc. What do you think so far? Any room for improvement here? Suggestions are appreciated.

Ascend the Hill Shirt Design

Ascend the Hill is offering an exclusive shirt to celebrate the opening of their new online storefront. It's a pretty different style than what they have available now so i figure that might lend it some exclusivity. Any suggestions for improvement?

Gig Poster for Ascend the Hill and Alexander

This poster is for a short regional tour in the Central/South Florida area. I really wanted to go with something other than an outline of the state or an orange. Ascend the Hill is from the Tampa area which is known for it's Gasparilla Festival and other pirate related culture. I think the engraving goes along nicely with that theme as well. I'd love to get some feedback from you awesome Forrsters. Do you see any improvements for layout or typography?

Home page layout for for smaller grocery retailer in the SF area (updated)

Here is the most recent version with client changes. See original post at forr.st/…. The client opted for clean edges rather than the distressed feel. I feel like the color changes clash in some places but can't necessarily place it. Any suggestions?