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Rosana Kooymans

New personal photo blog

This is not a new website, but I did create a new Drupal theme for it. I create a new theme every year to suit my needs. It's my personal (photography and artwork) blog. Some time ago I created sketchy icons and I've used those on this website. The frontpage and artworks overview show teaser Polaroids. If you click those, you will see the full view post, usually with different (and sometimes more) pictures. A few objectives I had this year: Polaroid grid view Tags and categories in one tag cloud Weight progress block (not shown on screen and currently not active, but working) Custom GetGlue block (being worked on). Reason for custom block is because GetGlue only offers one widget at the moment where the content is shown in an iframe. I do not want iframes, because you cannot properly change the CSS. Use mostly CSS for fonts, rather than images. Auto watermark on images, to save time on editing and easier to change images afterwards. Top bar with several elements (such as search, login, language switcher). Login bit not finished yet. Mood block Tags and search overview also Polaroid grid. Not done yet. (Linked) corner ribbons/labels on Polaroids and on the linked pages Different about page. Wanted to make it more appealing. Interesting grid on links page. Has a bit of a Pinterest feeling to it.

Sketchy Icons

I created about 50 sketchy icons for a new (personal) project that I will launch soon. I might create more in the future. And perhaps I'll offer them for download as well. Not sure about that yet.