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Nathan Brown

Acoustic Flyer / Poster Template

This is a gig flyer / poster template that I've been working on. It's the first in a series of similar acoustic based poster designs. Let me know what you think of it. Thnx!

Steampunk Insect

Hey folks... I want to share a new tutorial I posted over at WeGraphics on creating a steampunk insect by compositing different elements from a collection of images. Feel free to drop some feedback here, if you'd like. ;-)

What PS brushes do you find the most useful?

Lately I've been trying to add a few more freebie resources to my blog at room122.com, and it got me to thinking what are the most useful Photoshop brushes to the everyday designer? The brush in the snap is from a free watercolor set I recently released, but it's probably more specific in its use, and may not appeal to everyone. I'd love to hear some feedback on this subject. Thoughts?

Making a Metallic Transformers-Style Logo

This is a recent tutorial I did over at WeGraphics. I'm pretty happy with the result. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Illustrating a Guitar in Photoshop

Hey all... I wanted to share a recent tutorial that I completed for WeGraphics.net on how to illustrate a realistic guitar using Photoshop. I'd love to know what you think. You can check it out here. http://bit.ly/tKBnEL


Roundfolio One Page Portfolio Template

Hey all, First post, Whoop! This is a design I just completed as a free portfolio template for WeGraphics.net. I'd love some feedback and thoughts on the design. My goal was to do something a little different with the round thumbnail gallery images. Those are masked with transparent PNG files. Thanks!