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Tommy commented on their own post 6 years ago

@_justin Ahh, yes, that's fair. I'll play with the levels/contrast next time I mess around with the site. Thanks for the feedback!

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Tommy commented on Cody Stewart’s post 6 years ago

@cody Nice! Appreciate the breakdown you gave above. Always interesting to hear stuff like that.

Have you considered having more info or a thumbnail for the next/previous links? It could only be shown on hover if you think it might clutter up the interface.

Anyway, bookmarked!

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Tommy commented on Matej Hrescak’s post 6 years ago

@mhrescak Not at all, have at it, but I might appreciate a link to that blog post if you use a substantial part of my code.

Holler if you need help. Your UI is well done!

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Tommy commented on Michael Fields’s post 6 years ago

Nice! I was wondering how hard it would be to get at custom fields w/ that bookmarklet. Glad somebody figured it out. Gonna give it a try later this week.

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Tommy commented on Zach Silveira’s post 6 years ago

Find something you want to make and make it. Be passionate about stuff. Worry about work when you have bills to pay. Enjoy youth.

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Tommy commented on Dan Berkowitz’s post 6 years ago

+1 on the hand cursor while hovering

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Tommy commented on Ian Lunn’s post 6 years ago

Yep, Firefox.

It's ok when dragging the scrollbar, but cluggy when using keyboard navigation. Thus, why I suggested animating it.

Good luck!

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Tommy commented on Salvador Lopez’s post 6 years ago

Agreeing w/ @addyosmani on the localStorage. Here's a smashing article on it. Should be pretty simple to implement.

It'd also be cool if the new notes slid down instead of just popping up 100%.

Don't mean to nitpick. Looks nice!

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Tommy commented on Ryan Scherf’s post 6 years ago

Can I ask what you're using? jQ Mobile or something more custom?

Also interested in how you're getting the content: scraping or has another hacker made an API?

(Also, looks very nice!)

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Tommy commented on Dan’s post 6 years ago

HN has a good discussion on the SEO/SEM of this technique. Pretty interesting. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1893862

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Tommy commented on Matt Renfer’s post 6 years ago

One option would be to serve multiple versions of the image, depending on the window size, then size them down from that. Could use CSS media queries, but the JS itself might be better if that's where the logic would be.

If you're using PHP, Smart Image Resizer might be worthwhile.

Curious to hear what others might suggest. I've pondered this too.

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Tommy commented on Peter Cooper’s post 6 years ago

Y yo.

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