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Needlessly prettified GitHub profile

I wanted a subdomain root site to tie all my GH pages together and made this. It uses their JSONP API, mustache, and lots of CSS3. Maybe some other folk'd find it useful too. Code: https://github.com/rocktronica/rocktronica.github.com Site: http://rocktronica.github.com/ Blog: http://iamnotagoodartist.com/web/rocktronica-github-com/ Let me know if you find a good use for it or have any questions.


Bookmarklet to inject arbitrary CSS

Quick little hack made into a bookmarklet. Pretty handy for debugging on browsers w/o inspectors, etc.


tmpltr - jsFiddle clone for realtime mustache binding and CSS editing

I've been using mustache templates a lot lately and thought I'd try to streamline my process. So this is my take on jsFiddle/dabblet/etc, with inputs for data (JSON), structure (HTML), and style (CSS). On keypress, they get bundled up and injected into an iFrame. They're persisted with localStorage and export out as data URIs. I'm looking for feedback and bug reports, edge cases are fine. This is a tool I built to suit my own needs, so I admit it won't be for everybody, but I'm open to requests. Also let me know if the copy needs work. I wrote it to appeal to other frontenders, but I don't know...


Mobile Safari: Testing for Home Screen Icon?

You can add a website to an iPhone's home screen by clicking "Add to Home Screen." But is there a way to test that it's already been done so we don't keep bothering our users? The ideal solution would be an Apple-approved meta tag. Workarounds could be cookies or testing dimensions (since homescreened apps can have taller viewports w/o chrome). Anybody have any experience with this?

Portfolio Feedback

Modal: Working on my portfolio. Trying to keep it simple. Any thoughts?


About to start taking legit money for one of my apps. Recommendations/resources for incorporating, DBA'ing, or other tax considerations?

One of my little side projects is poised to start taking in some legit, non-trivial, recurring money soon, and I want to be ready for it. Looking for understandable, plain English info on the best ways to go about that: incorporating vs working as a DBA, copyrighting my company name, important tax forms, all that sort of stuff. I'm in the US. I realize this is a totally bloated questions, so links or even terms I should google are super appreciated! Thanks!



I wrote this awhile ago but just recently got around to putting it on GitHub. It needs a better name and could use some caching and other fanciness, but it's pretty handy and could be a good start to something better. Takes a YouTube username (and a couple other variables) and returns a whole video website with paginated lists, thumbnails, embeds, comments, and an RSS feed. Basically, it's your YouTube profile with its own domain and CSS. Example: videos.iamnotagoodartist.com Let me know if you find a good use for it or have any feedback. Thanks!