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Reiss Somerszaule

Another page to the portfolio

Some creative thoughts on the Meet our Team page Below is the "scrambler" and when the 3 body parts are connected properly, you will get the above result (full website preview)

Interactive Red - Portfolio

So here's the portfolio page for our website (previous post)

American Holiday Site

Some guys at work have an odd feeling about it, I was pretty pleased with what I had done. Bit of extra feedback would be much appreciated :)

Portfolio revisit

Been a while since I've posted on here, would like to have a little feedback on what I'm currently doing for my employers. The navigation is a fixed one and expands on interaction (click on link below)

Zombie Boy - Biography/Blogging Design

So much has changed since I've last been on here. Forrst is looking really good :) Here's something I recently finished designing, thank you forrst for getting me this far. You can view true size at: http://designs.interactivered.com/zombieboy/


Identity start

Finalizing my identity, here's the start

wip - kyokushin fighter

Profile page - Coming along great. Let me know what you guys think.

Progress Bar

Comments/feedback + download Download: http://zaule.com/dl/progress-bar.psd