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Riki Tanone

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo #2

(This is an alternate mark) My most recent brand identity exploration - this time for Oklahoma City Thunder. When the Seattle SuperSonics moved to OKC and revealed their new name and identity, I was immediately turned-off by the mark they released. So this is my version which I think suits them better.


CSS - Text with colour background ending at end of text... not full width

Hi all, I have a question for some of you CSS gurus - I have a client who wants headlines where the background colour goes as far as the line, but no further. Like the Man City website: mcfc.co.uk/ See how the title has a black background but it isn't 100% of the 'block' model of the header tag - they do it via JS, but is there a CSS only way to do it?

TimeSpan Site Relaunch

To celebrate our great new TimeSpan 2.0, we have completely revamped its site. Come on over and take a look: partixel.com/timespan/

Football App Icon

Mockup for an App Icon. Still in early stages and may change. any comments please throw them at me and i'll see what i can do! :) like i said,its still early doors so its still quiet scrappy

Gmail Icon

Hello! I'm new on forrst. My first snap is training icon of Google Gmail done in Photoshop. Download: fav.me/… Regards, friends!

visionlab logo design

just a quick idea i had. i think it turned out pretty cool. maybe this is going to be my new branding..

Email app

An email app. A lot of in this screenshot is going to change like colors (the light ones), and some spacing and icons. Anyway the icons used in shot are mostly from sweet pack icons4coffee.com/

Outdoorsy Icons

These are a selection of icons from a larger set that I am particularly happy with. All created for an outdoors/camping retailer. Top is final result, bottom is my original sketch.