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Riki Tanone


Best payment method for overseas clients?

Hi guys, I'm trying to find out how everyone goes about billing overseas client. I've been billing only large chunks of money (like 50% of the projected cost) because the cost of bank payment transfer is pretty high. Do you guys have a preferred method that you use?


What are your favorite icon sets?

I'm always on the look out for a comprehensive icon set. Do you guys have any recommendations for ones that you reaaaaally love? I have a preference for glyphs, but I'm looking for any recommendations really.

App La Carte website redesign

Only had a few days to knock out the whole site, so I focused on overall presentation more than any kind of originality. Also had to keep things as simple as possible for a swift HTML turn-around for the developer.

CMS Gallery

Just finished a pretty intense project redesigning the CMS and website of a company. Did 18 mockups in about 9 days, so I had to utilize a lot of tricks and shortcuts. Still really happy with the end results, and they're an awesome client! Easily one of the most fun project I've ever done. This particular page is from the CMS, it lets people add/edit a gallery on their app. Will post a few other things related to this project. Would love to do more web and mobile UI!

Login and Dropdown

Login popup and dropdowns from a project that I'm working on. The twitter button should probably be changed to just a darker grey, since it'll just be a down state. Could really use critiques, even though it's just a simple UI.

My take on box UI

I liked the idea behind this snap by @thatdudedaniel and wanted to do my own version. I knocked this out really quick just to play around and do a design warm-up so to speak. Didn't turn out quite as clean as the original. I fiddled around with the buttons too much and lost vision on the overall design. Oh well, was still a lot of fun anyway :)

CNN Presents

This is an older piece in my portfolio, but most everything I'm working on right now is under NDA. I should've used a different font for that whole "narrated by" bit, but I'm still happy with how it turned out overall. It used to have text in the bottom left corner as well, but I don't have the original file any more, so I could only take a screenshot; looks a bit empty without it. Anyway, this is my first Snap here, so hopefully you guys enjoy this. Excited to be a part of this community!