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Rg Enzon  Pro

Birthday Card Mailer

Something I did a while back. Played with textures and the idea of the card being delivered via mail.

Lens (Design Practice)

Feedback please. This was originally posted at Dribbble. Rebounded a shot from a fellow Dribbbler. This is my first doing something like this. Feel free to comment and critique. My dribbble post: http://dribbble.com/shots/768991-Lens-Rebound-Shot Dribbble lens post: http://dribbble.com/shots/762273-Lens-psd

Solfice Web Design

Just finished the whole website design for Solfice. The clients like it. I made about 6 different pages. What do you think? ** I'm aware about the off pixel on the header bar. I accidentally moved it when I saved png and jpeg versions of the file.

Touhou Project Homepage

A small design project 3 weeks ago. Just wanted to share it to the community. This page is done, I think. Though if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to tell me so I can change whatever it is that needs to be changed.


Vector icons drawn using raphael.js Visit the link and zoom the page in. Neat vector + Free stuff = WIN! PS: under MIT license


Great stuff. :) and there's a free version :)


Do you download illegitimate software(s)?

Say for example, the Adobe's creative suite is too costly. Instead of buying the software, do you actually download it from torrent or wherever? Just asking. Hope you guys answer.