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Mihael Konjević

Retroaktive.me redesign

This is the redesign for my blog / page. How do you like it?

Bitovi.com redesign

We just pushed the new site and branding. This is a screenshot of our new site. What do you think?

GUI for Noted.in app

This is the GUI for Noted.in app. It is a simple notes/task manager. You can try it at noted.in

Personal blog redesign

I'm working on a redesign for my site. It's a few month old design and I'm not sure about it anymore. How do you like it?


GUI for Croatian Ski Association's competition management app This is a screen for a list of competitors. Color blocks on the right indicate three different types of alerts. They must be extremely visible at all times.



My blog post on extracting colors from image with ruby.


DEMUX splash page.