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David Bradley

I need your help.

This project was a redesign of their old site. I am looking for feedback of the overall feel compared to the old site which is on bottom. If you were a user would you feel more comfortable buying from the new site redesign, or the old one? That's the main question. Please keep in mind that I don't have control over the logo.


Login screen to an iPad app. It will track your workout routines where you can set and manage them.

Potfolio, coming soon

I'm getting there, almost done designing my portfolio.

Contact or Hire

Contact form on the redesign of my portfolio.

Redesign of my portfolio.

After many times redesigning, I'm finally happy with this one. Coming soon!

Which one? Help me choose!

Please help me decide which one? My roommate likes the top one, I like the second one. Thanks!

Contact Us, and Our team section

A follow up post to my last screenshot. This is a lower bottom section for people to contact us, and see who's behind it.

Client Login

Client login drop down form