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Rami James

LFP Briefcase Illustration

Done completely in photoshop with paths, shapes and masks.

SolidRun website

Been fighting with this design for the last two weeks. It's starting to take shape, but am still pretty unhappy with it.

Making the move from Adobe Fireworks to Photoshop

A couple of months ago I finally had enough of the constant crashing, the poor support and the lack of meaningful updates from Adobe and decided to make the switch from Adobe Fireworks to Adobe Photoshop. I had to make some concessions in my workflow, deal with some serious frustration and learn some new tricks so that I could get back up to speed. You can check out the whole article here: weeklypixels.com/portfolio/making-the-move-adobe-fireworks-photoshop/


WeeklyPixels.com Facebook Page is Live!

Hi Guys, trying to build up my social presence a bit more. My twitter page has been doing fairly well so I've decided to invest the extra time into a facebook page, too. Thanks for checking my stuff out. I appreciate it! (and your likes, of course!) :)

Climbing Monster Logo and Branding

I've recently done a branding set for an app some friends and i are developing. It is called climbing monsters and is a training app to make you into a monster climber! climbingmonster.com is the coming soon site i also designed


My latest endeavour, climbingmonster.com, is live!

Me and some friends are building a climbing training app for iphone and the web with location-based games and leaderboards, algorithmically accurate training sessions, building your own training logs, history and more! Come check us out at climbingmonster.com

Fractal Bubbles Background PSD Set

Been playing with creating usable fractal backgrounds. Things that don't look like they are for dirty hippies :)