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Dark Stone Flyer

It was actually created two months ago but due to heavy work, it just set there on my hard drive. I don't see much of these kind of flyers around so I decided to create one. Most of the work is based on layer styles this time. Like always, comments are welcome.

Earthbound Business Card

A creative business card useful for occupations related to nature and for many kind of commercial industries whose motives are based on growth. Not really much to describe about this. Just let me know if you like it. Like always, likes and comments are appreciated. :)

Sleek n’ Smooth Business Card

A new business card made by me for Graphicriver. I've kept the design clean just so that the neatness remains in all its simplest form. Used thin & clean Geo Sans Light for the type. Comments are welcome as always.

Corporate Single Sided Business Card

Another business card of mine. Consist a fine typography (at least that's what I think). Feel free to shatter my opinions though. :) Preview at Graphicriver: bit.ly/…

Ancient World Flyer

It's been a while since I created a flyer so here I am again. Ancient-medieval themed flyer, from what I think it's really suitable for exhibitions, exotic sites, tourism, and similar events or businesses. All comments appreciated. Likes are appreciated even more. :D

‘A New Dawn’ Powerpoint Presentation

This is something new that I've tried in Powerpoint. A clean styled presentation with a simple combination of Arial and Calibri in type. So your feedback on this will be really valuable to me.

Unique Paper Business Card

Yet another business card from my side. Don't really have a description for this one. Comments/feedback/criticism is more than welcome.

Planetal Nova Wallpaper

Just a little manipulation I did for my desktop. It looks good as my wallpaper so I thought to share it. Not really that detailed because I had really less time and it was meant to be for my desktop which simply has left aligned icons.