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<Limit GET>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Files"
AuthUserFile /path/to/htpasswd
Require valid-user

Allowing Flash Uploads Through Apache Authentication in .htaccess

I feel like I'm fairly informed, but until recently I've never found a good way to workaround Flash file uploads through Apache authentication (usually for a development or staging environment). In the past few weeks, someone mentioned using the Limit Apache directive to only restrict GET requests, allowing POST requests to go through. A couple others mentioned using LimitExcept, but my server(s) must not be configured to allow LimitExcept in .htaccess, as it produced an Internal Service Error no matter how I used it. Limiting GET works perfectly and I haven't personally seen this mentioned on Forrst, so I wanted to share with any frustrated developers out there looking for the same fix. I hope it helps someone else.

Silent Uproar Relaunch

We launched the new version of Silent Uproar that I mentioned previously. There's a lot more planned for the interior sections, but it's always nice to launch something. My favorite feature so far is probably the search overlay. I have to give credit to Clay at With for that idea as well as the overall design (he redesigned our logo, as well). It was my first project on Kohana 3, too. The lack of documentation slowed me down a bit, but it wasn't too hard to port some of my older Kohana 2 code to 3. Overall, Kohana 3 seems like the transition from AS2 to AS3. Though, it is the future of the framework, so you either evolve or get left behind.

RVA Magazine Video Player

Working on a new video player for RVA Magazine's new RVATV section