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Richard Tabor

Purty Social Icons V1

Do you prefer the top or the bottom? I made these originally for a little project of mine and decided to hand out the freebie as is for now. I still don't know which version I'm going to go with. Download PSD/PNG

Portfolio View Slideshow WIP/Freebie

Just a slideshow concept that I'm considering for use in a current theme design. I packaged and freebied this version up, but what's your view on it so far? I'm going for simple, elegant, and a "content first" look. Cheers, Richard → Download PSD

Clean Budget Selector

Sharing a concept here really. The idea would be that people interested in hiring freelancers could interactively select their budget to provide a clear understanding to the creative. Just an idea. What do you guys and gals think? → Download PSD .

Super Social Media-cons V1.0 (D-Load)

Here's the first rendition of an icon set I started a few weeks back. Feedback on color /feel/suggestions for more. Cheers! → Download 'em Most icons based from the awesome set from Yummygum

Purty Music Player (Coded Skin Freebie)

Check out this nifty psd/code freebie audio player thingy I recently crafted. It's my first attempt at making one of these (with functionality) and I'm a little new to css, so I'd love your thoughts/suggestions. Cheers! → View Demo → Download Here *Grabbed some inspiration from the kickass player designed by Orman Clark.

Hire Me Sign V2 (Freebie)

Here's a little PSD that I put together a few days ago. I posted it around and received some stellar feedback and now it's time for V2. I moved the nail up a bit and edited the shadows a little as well. What do you guys think? Download PSD Here. Wood background from here.

Artisan, A free HTML Template (Maybe WordPress Soon)

Today is another one of those days.. those AWESOME days where I release a neato freebie HTML Theme. Meet Artisan, acutely a Freelancer’s Dream Theme. Yay! View the DEMO. If there’s enough interest I may consider evolving it a tad and stepping it up into a super awesome-er WordPress Theme. If I do, any recommendations/suggestions? You know I love to hear from you guys and gals.

Purty Tuts, Photoshop Tutorials coming soon-ish.

This post is for my new and upcoming site PurtyTuts.com, which will be full of badass photoshop tutorials from yours truly. #Winning I’m still working through a few kinks at the moment, but if you’re interested you should add your email address in that lil’ form and you’ll be one of the first to know what’s up when Purty Tuts goes live. Don’t forget to tell all your photoshop lovin’, nerdy, yet fantastic friends. purtytuts.com/…