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Phil Stringfellow

Contrllr v1

My new side-project Contrllr is coming along smoothly, and I'm looking for critique and feedback on the homepage that I've done. This is a first stab at the design, and would welcome any feedback on the layout, colours, imagery etc. Contrllr will be a community very similar to how Letterboxd have set their site up, but focused on games instead. There's plenty of gaming sites out there, where the final site is a mix of all things. Contrllr plans to be a site where you can review games, makes lists, share your game progress, import from XBL, PSN and Steam for achievements and game lists, and more.

Piggyback Interactive iPad App

A concept design for Piggyback Interactive, to allow the user to purchase, download and view copies of interactive game guides and walkthroughs. I love video games, and with that, I also love the accompanying guides that often get released with the big-name releases, such a The Legend of Zelda, Bioshock and Assassin's Creed. Where other walkthrough publishers have moved with the times and released digital version - either downloadable PDF or mobile versions - Piggyback Interactive haven't released such a service as of yet. I most often remember Piggyback over the other main publishers, Brady Games and Prima, as they tended to publish the guides for the games I bought, like Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda, so have always had a special place for them, so it saddened me to see that they weren't quite as up to date with their rivals. The concept of the app would be similar to Newsstand and iBooks, where purchased and downloaded copies will be presented on the main screen for perusal. On selection of a guide, the other guides will fade out, and a pop up overlay appears showing the title, pages, language, publication and options to mark as read, mark as fav, delete and read guide. On selection to read a guide, the layout will be similar to iBooks, with an option to read the guide by scrolling down, page flipping, or page sliding. On selection of the Settings icon, or by swiping down on the tab with the logo, you will find the core app settings, including account details, settings, language support, about and help sections. These are all marked with custom icons following the brand colour. Throughout this screen - and the app in general - buttons and guides follow the iOS standard to keep users familiar with the layout and functions.

ps.design v8

After going for a short-lived different direction with v7, I sat down and decided to go from scratch again with designing my site. Instead of having a fixed design as per my previous version, I decided to embrace RWD again after ditching it from v6. Going with the theme I've set for v2 of Redsgned, I decided on a plain scheme to allow more focus on the imagery and save downloading lots of resources and save the bandwidth. Embracing responsive web design also meant that I had to look more seriously at the navigation, and used a method that gracefully translates the menu down across all sizes. Below 600px and the menu turns into a block menu, with selectable links; below 480px and the menu turns into an expandable area indicated by the now-standard 3 dashes for menu. Also with an eye on tablet and mobile optimisation, instead of serving up images for the logo, social icons and email button, I decided to use base-64 encoded SVG which provided me with a chance to create some lovely icons knowing that they'll all be pixel perfect on all devices and browsers. Instead of either designing full size images for projects and sites, I chose to have a two tier platform for my work. The first is a full-width large image to showcase my best work, with a smaller section underneath with smaller images for single shots or quick designs I want to show off. The only fault with this is that down on mobile sizes, the images look the same so no indication of the hierarchy. The entire website scales beautifully down, including readable typography and good contrast, and I'm finally happy with a design for the first time in 2 years. Credit goes to Pierre Borodin for the devices template on Dribbble. The main typeface is Source Sans from Google Web Fonts, which is a nice bold type which scales beautifully. I'm still going to adding little changes and such to the site, so any feedback is much appreciated!

Zelda Timeline Poster

In between writing the content and and finalising the last details of the site (at long bloody last!), I've been experimenting with different styles for wallpapers and other stuff to give away on the site. One of these ideas was a poster version of the timeline from 'Hyrule Historia' in which it explains each place for every game in the series. I love the book but the timeline, in an effort to condense as much information in it as possible, is not the best looking thing to look at and read and, as such, I felt compelled to make it prettier and to fit in with the rest of the designs for the site. The original poster size is A3, and the uploaded image is scaled for obvious reasons, and it will be available on the site when it launches. I'll also try to get it scaled well enough for a wallpaper, fingers crossed. Timeline image source: Kotaku

Redsgned v2

Time for a change. Looking to get this done as quick as possible, so keep your eyes peeled. Instead of having a highly textured and effect-laden site, I'm stripping back the design of the site itself to allow the actual designs submitted to shine through. Going with the "flat" theme of late, there's no effects at all on there and it's quite refreshing. I've also now switched to FreightSans for the typeface site-wide, which is much cleaner. From the homepage, there is an immediate visual impact of the full-width image, linked to the individual posts, which now contain only a title, author (linked to author's site), description and quote, which sharing underneath. No more tools, or links, or categories. Also, in the process of this, there will be a second face of Redsgned coming in the summer, working in partnership with another designer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I start to build this up.

Client Web App

Designing a web-app for a friend, where the focus is client management with invoicing, contracts, quotes and more the main components of the service. The influences where to be other services like Blinksale and Ballpark, and to have the features of both. I've tried to include a neutral colour palette, nothing too offensive on the eyes and something that you'd enjoy using but without dipping too much into the 'flat design' category. This is only the first set of designing, so any feedback included is much appreciated to include in v2 and further.

ps.design v7

I got bored, with my previous design and was playing around with some type effects in the browser, when I had the impulse to go for a different angle and re-design my site. Rather controversially, I've opted out of doing a responsive site this time around, believing that the type and iconography speak for itself, and thought that the site stacking responsively would be more of a detriment than compliment. Using Franchise and Lato typefaces, the site is a new angle for me, having never done a predominantly type based site before. More of an experiment than serious overhaul, it'd be great to see some comments and feedback on this approach :) UPDATE: Edited the headline to say 'stuff' instead of the expletive. Seems I was trying to be *too* clever ;)

Zelda Timeline Splash II

Starting the build up to the release of the final site, with a new and different splash page featuring a sneak peek at the site, mobile versions and information about the site and background. Check it out and sign up for the launch email now! (Trying this again with a new post so the image can upload)