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Shutter - Elegant Photography Theme for Wordpress

Shutter is a lightweight yet impressive fullscreen photography WordPress theme. Boasting a responsive fullscreen gallery at its core, this theme is all about the photographs and nothing but the photographs. The minimal style of this template will allow your work to have unhindered attention from you visitors no matter if they are on iPhone, iPad or desktop. The theme is built on our brand new powerful WordPress framework, crafted from the finest quality OOP code, optimized to within an inch of it’s life and endlessly extendible. DEMO - goo.gl/…

Reusable Poster Mockup

Making a poster mockup template which could be reused with ease. The template allows the display of a poster with or without a frame, and all items including floor, background wall and lighting can be changed to suit the poster style if required....now just to make some posters..... Poster artwork by Aint Rocket Science (right) & Jimi Hunt (left) from Creattica.com.

Realistic Page Curl Effect

Here is an experiment I did using Photoshop to create a reusable and resizable page curl effect. Creating a realistic page curl effect can be quite complicated due to the shadows and masking involved, so the idea was to allow simple pasting of a source image with as little adjustment as possible to achieve the finished effect. If your source image is larger than the standard one you will need to adjust the main vector mask to the left and bottom (both straight lines requiring simple select and drag). And that's it. Artwork by Cristoph Niemann (yellow) & Jonathan Mak (red).

HTML 5 Image transition effects jquery plugin

This is a jQuery plugin consisting of 4 canvas based image transitions. These transitions will work on all major browsers supporting the “canvas” element. This includes Chrome, Safari, mobile Safari (iphone/ipad), Firefox (4 and above) Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer (9 and above). For older browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (which lack canvas support), a fallback solution is provided in the form of a “fade in/out”, so your images will still transition even if lacking the visual part. Transition Effects (from top to bottom) are: Vertical Bars, Squares, Horizontal Bars, Circles. All effects are editable. See the live Demo: goo.gl/…

Rubber Stamp Seal of Approval

This is a quick photoshop experiment to create a seal of approval in the form of a rubber stamp. Let's face it, all projects need a bit of quality controll!

Dribbble Inspired Thumbnail Stacks [PSD Freebie]

For your downloading pleasure, today we present a couple of Dribbble inspired thumbnail stacks. As per usual the PSD is layered and editable to allow for ease of use in your own projects. Download on pixelentity.com via the link below. Enjoy.

Estro - Ken Burns Effect - Premium Wordpress Plugin

After the success of our Estro jQuery plugin, and due to popular demand, today we bring you "Estro for Wordpress". We've taken the solid technological foundation which underpinned the success of the Estro jQuery plugin, and have pushed it even further. We have added a custom admin panel which will allow you to customise all aspects of your slider without having to touch a line of code. Drag n drop arranging of your slides, multiple slider insertion, skin selection, Ken Burns customisation, you name it, we've included it. Live Demo at the link.


Hide Form Fields Easily with CSS and jQuery (free snippet)

Complex forms with lots of fields can be a real pain for users. Here we will outline a simple way to deal with this situation using CSS and jQuery. If some of the options only have real meaning when a particular condition is met (like, for example, they depend on another form option’s value), things can be simplified by hiding unnecessary fields at runtime. This is nothing new and is traditionally handled using jQuery to hide/show the form fields, however the drawback of this is that you’re generally forced to alter javascript code when adding or removing the options. Here we will explore an alternative solution which uses CSS rules to handle the hide/show work and only requires a minimal amount of code......... (demo and download via the link)