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Philip Morrow

Chauffeur Website Mock-Up

This is my third revision of a site design for a chauffeur website. The client has no imagery so I've had to rely 100% on stock images. They also really wanted neon blue featured in the design somehow. This is my best attempt, I'd really appreciate any and all feedback!

Creative Portfolio and Blog

My newly designed personal portfolio and blog. It exists to showcase my web design and logo design work - as well as giving me a place to post stuff. I've gone for a dark background design with very vibrant colours combined with super-awesome icons (mostly not my own though) to create a visual impact.

Brushed Metal Download Buttons

Well, as this is my first post on Forrst - why not start with a freebie? This is a very basic download button with a subtle brushed metal effect in 3 states. Download it for free from here