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Peter Marty


Sass live development

Does anyone have a solution or helpful workflow for Using Sass and Wordpress within a live development scenario (on my dev server)? My current workflow is very inefficient and I am working on a solution towards a better process. Right now I develop as far as I feel necessary locally (localhost with MAMP) with the static PHP and SASS files, then I install and implement them into the WordPress structure and theme it out on my live server. I develop the WorPress live because it allows me to install a database and work on it as a team when need be (alleviates the need for separate databases etc.). The problem lies in it being live, (links to files etc have changed paths from local dev due to WordPress file structure), and I have to edit the .css file which renders my .scss file useless unless I continually copy and paste to my .scss file which is backwards, manual and very time consuming. Suggestions please.

New Blogpost

Starting to dive into writing about my passion as a web designer/developer and am seeking your feedback/critique on whether or not my new post "Project Process" is a good read. Please, anything that you find good or bad with the content as well as suggestions to improve. Maybe if you are a developer/designer, what would you like to have read in an article such as this. My target audience is kind of newish web designer.