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Portoflio live

Finally managed to get my portfolio live after numerous failed attempts to be happy with a design for longer than 5 minutes. This will hopefully last a little longer..... I'm sure there are still bugs & bits I've missed so it would be helpful if you could have a look at the live version & let me know of anything that I may have missed :)


jQuery click events on iphone anchor tag

I've been working on a mobile only website and I'm having problems with the jquery on iphone. I basically have an anchor tag that when clicked/touched jquery is used to show/hide an element. Here's what I've got: $(document).ready(function () { $('#menu a').click(function () { $('#nav').toggle(); return false; }); Raw Code » });

Pixelburst theme options

This is a project that I'm working on with @alanhornedotcom. Currently working on the look & feel for the Theme options of the Pixelburst framework

Wedding Invite

Here's my wedding invitation that I've had printed off. I'm really happy with how they came out. Hopefully you will like it too :)


Javascript Get time in another country

I am trying to get the current time of another city/country. So for example if I want to get the current time in New York, I'm wondering how I can do this using javascript/jquery.

Wedding Invitation Complete

Finally managed to get around to finishing the invitations to my wedding next year. Here's what it looked like before my fiancĂ© gave her verdict of it not looking wedding/romantic enough forr.st/…

New portfolio design (complete?)

A few weeks ago I posted a preview of my portfolio design. I have now got to a point now where I feel happy with the homepage & thought I'd post it up for some feedback. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Wedding invitation progress

Finally got around to desiging my wedding intvitations for the big day next year, here's what I have come up with so far. Still needs work with regards of adding floral/swirly elements to give it a more wedding/romantic feel. Also like to point out that I used Dave Ruiz for inspiration, his work is so beautiful: dribbble.com/…