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Pedro Borges


What's the most important lesson you've learned from Steve Jobs?

What did you learn from Steve's example and how have you applied it to your daily work / business / product? Did you learn more from his successes? Or from his failures?


Golden Grid System

New responsive grid system by Joni Korpi, the creator of Less Framework. Four features: Folding columns /* * Four-column grid active * ---------------------------------------- * Margin | # 1 2 3 4 | Margin * 5.55555% | % 25 50 75 100 | 5.55555% */ Raw Code » Elastic gutters .wrapper { width: 50%; margin-left: 25%; /* Assuming gutter width = 1.5em */ padding: 0 0.75em; } Raw Code » Zoomable baseline grid Golden Gridlet The website itself is pure awesomeness. Check it out, goldengridsystem.com The project is hosted on Github and licensed under MIT.

Brazilian Cursive Font

I've been working creating this font since past December and it's almost done now. At this time it has no punctuation or numbers. But all other characters, accents and ligatures substitutions are ready to go. This is the second font I've made. All gliphs were created in Illustrator and for the font itself I've used FontForge. This font will be used by a Christian textbooks' publisher in Brazil. As you may have noticed, Brazilian cursive is a lot different than American's. In general the fonts available and used here are of very bad quality (specially the ligatures) so we decide to build our own. I tried to make it join well in as much combinations as possible. The lower o, for example, because of ligatures and accents has about 30 gliphs (I didn't have to make all of them, FontForge helped me with that). But gliphs like the lower "c" looks weird in some combinations. I'd appreciate your feedback on it :)

Personal Logo Concept #2

I'm working on my own logo. The typography was my creation. What about the color scheme? I'm not a logo professional and would really like to hear your thoughts on it. Suggestions are very welcome :)

Personal Logo Concept

I'm working on my logo and I'd like to hear your thoughts. PB is for Pedro Borges and the rounded edges version ended looking like an "8", which is fine since I was born in 08-18-1988. At this time I'm not testing color and I'll add my name later. Suggestions are welcome :)


holmes.css CSS Markup Detective

Hi. I just found holmes.css made by luke_redroot. It displays either an error (red outline), a warning (yellow outline), or a deprecated style (dark grey outline) for flags such as: Missing required attributes on tags, such as name attributes on inputs (lots of these) Potentially improvable markup, such as links with href="#" Deprecated and Non-W3C Elements - see W3C.org's article on obselete tags Non-W3C Attributes - as above, just the most important ones since there are MANY Beyond these three labels you must use some sort of inspector, such as Firebug, to determine the reason that an element has been flagged. Do you think this tool is useful to improve the quality of your code?