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Pawel Kadysz


Any tips or tutorials on shooting photos of LCD/LED screens?

I'd like to shoot some photos of live websites for my portfolio. But it seems I can't get the right settings on my Canon 50D. I've browsed google, but it keeps giving me links to "how to make a screenshot" tutorials. I want really good quality, sharpness in these photos. This is a good example: 177fil.es/… of what I have in mind. I would appreciate any kind of help.

Freebies Booth Icon

Just something i've been working on for last two evenings. I really like how it looks now. Made from scratch in Photoshop. No 3D software was used. Actually used only one stock photo for the wood texture. This isn't going to be available as freebie, but may be used as icon / logo on upcoming new version of the site. Let me know what you think.

Vivid Icon Set release

Ok, so here it is. The Vivid Icon Set! Finally, after long hours of designing, polishing, fixing it's here. Brand new icon set! Here's what you get in the package: 240 "Vivid" 32px png icons 240 "Not so Vivid" 32px png icons 28 bonus icons for each of above Life time free updates (I'm already designing new icons) Discounts for my future products Let me know what you think.

Tabbed sidebar widget

Another freebie. For all of you WordPress themes designers. A simple tabbed sidebar widget. What do you think?

Vivid Locks

A little sneak peek on an upcoming icon set that I am working on. If you want to see more, you might want to check Vivid Icon Set homepage. And if you want to get notified when the set is released, just follow vividset on twitter.

Twitter & Facebook widget

Another freebie. Uploaded yesterday. Some of dribbble users requested coded version, so we've updated the zip. No fancy CSS tricks, but it works and looks pretty ok. Let me know what you think.

A little "your cart" widget

A little something for online stores. I tried to make it fit most of designs. It's 160px wide and 100px high. Should fit most standard sidebars and/or headers. PSD available for free download. Let me know what you think.

Calendar Icon

Took about 45 minutes. I'm thinking about creating a whole set (100 icons at least). It would be a premium set, 512px-32px (maybe even 16px) PNG icons. What do you think? How much would you pay for this set?