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Peter Viszt  Pro

Logo for kvikk

I'm working on a new project called kvikk. Without telling too much, its a location sharing application. The main idea was to somehow combine an eye and a map pin. You can see lots of details on the screenshot above, like the use of the golden ratio and custom type(It is based on a font with small changes and perfect alignment). Make sure to check out the full view to see all of the details. What do you think?

New Personal Website

Since i'm mainly focusing on selling WordPress themes and plugins, i decided to update my personal website. Kept the old logo and colours, but its a lot more informative now. Using skrollr, i created animation like this:

Instagram integration for a slider plugin

I have a nice slider plugin for WordPress called Nemus Slider and i'm working on an update to support Instagram as a source and i have some problems with the authentication process. This is how it works currently: First, i created a new Client ID for the slider and i included this ID in the code. In the next step, i created an authentication page on my website with the client ID. User clicks on it, gives access and they can see the Access Token and the User ID. So, once they have the Access Token, they need to insert it on the slider's settings page, here is a screenshot about this:

Weald WordPress Theme

My most recent item on ThemeForest. Sample images are coming from Justin Mezzell(http://justinmezzell.com) This theme is pretty wide but of course its responsive. Everything is based on a custom grid. What do you think?

Nemus Slider - Simple WordPress image slider

I was developing a new slider plugin for WordPress in the last couple of months now, and finally it was accepted on CodeCanyon. I would like to get some reviews, what to change, what functions to include etc... Here is a quick video on Youtube which pretty much explains everything:

Portfolio post settings

I'm working on a new WordPress theme, which will support a custom post type for Portfolio and this is the meta-box for additional options. The idea is that if you use the first 3 tab, you will get the same image uploader, on the 4th tab(Video) you can select a Youtube/Vimeo video or you can use any other embed code. The rest of the stuff is pretty obvious i think. What do you think, the current options and setup is enough for regular use, or i should add some other options?

Wordpress Slider Plugin Interface

I was looking for a simple slideshow plugin for wordpress with an easy to use and good looking interface, but guess what, i didn't find any lightweight script for this. So i decided to create my own:

Whiteboard Interface

New whiteboard interface created for Rayku. Its already coded using html5 and css3 of course. I will make a new post once its live. The equation editor at the bottom is only visible, when you're using the f(x) tool. So if you just use the pen, you get a full-screen canvas. I've posted a little sneak-peak from the colour-chooser a couple of days ago, you can check that out here: