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Nuruzzaman Sheikh


Need Help for Custom Post/Taxonomy of WP

Hi there, I've stuck on a WP projects custom post type. The problem is I want to display all the tags and categories for a custom post type as of default post type e.g. the_category / the_tags() And I'm using custom taxonomies (of category and tags) for my custom post. The default the_category() or the_tags() as in usual loop is not working here. Can anyone help me on this matter please. I checked out the get_the_terms() object but this is not a perfect solution as of the traditional the_category()/the_tags() to list the related cats and tags of a post inside the loop. Please help me on this issue. A million thanks in advance for taking time to help me out.


How to Code iOS Apps Designs.

Hi, First of all. I had no words how to ask the right question but here is the breakup and details about I need a help/suggestion for. I'm basically web front-end developer and designer. At the same time I do a lot of iOS app designs. My planning ahead to learn and become a complete iOS app developer. Now I want to know what do you guys use to code the iOS apps front-end. Is it objective C or some kind of framework like we do for windows app dev (Dot Net). Or like there is HTML/CSS for the web sites to turn a design into live code. Is there anything like this for iOS coding paradigm. Please I hardly need help on this. Like what to use to code the front-end of iOS apps. So, at first I can start learning coding the iOS apps front-end. Don't know that was I able to write a complete question. But I believe you the pros wont be any problem understanding my question. Thanks a million for the help and time in advance. Cheers!

Investment Calculator

Working on a cool Mortgage/Loan facilities project. Feedback/suggestions are welcome as always :) Update: This is a Loan calculator. Users can select their upfront/deposit and check available loan against it and the premium through different time period.


Help Me Learning iOS Development

Hello there, Actually I want to start developing apps for iOS devices. But I've no idea about Macintosh or iOS Development. I do HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,MySQL and also familiar with Java. I need an expert guidance so I can learn iOS development through the right path. And I want to learn the best tools and languages for developing iOS apps. Please help me guiding about which way I should to go. Thanks in advance for your invaluable time and kind suggestions.

MoAppz Login Screen

A login screen of my recent iOS app.

Mini Browser

I was in need of a mini and simple browser to showcase my portfolio (web works) on my site. And designed this simple one for my site. But I think this simple browser might be helpful for your projects too. So, I've added the PSD source for you to download and use for your project without any credit back to me. Don't forget to download the PSD from this link .

Contact Page : My New Site

Hi there, I'm working on my new site design. And this is the contact page. There are more pixels to come. And I'm open for your suggestions.

Twitter Widget

A simple Twiiter profile widget. It is basically a rebound of Cat Smith And the psd it attached for you awesome people. Icons are from iconsweets2.