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Petr Vaclavek

New Logo Geolocation

This is my new logo for my website of Geolocation. I tried to combined the letter G with a POI. I'd like to have your opinion on this logo?

my tea cup

Just try to create my tea cup in my free time as well as practice for my Photoshop skills. Please let me know your thought please on these.

Logo / Identity Design

Some ideas for identity for a plumbing and gas services company. Created by hand in Adobe Illustrator.

Studioul de Fotografie

Logo done for a photographer studio/business based in Timisoara, Romania. The logo is accepted and in use.

Percentage Loader

Here is a simple and clean percentage loader widget. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


With Portmonka, you can store your discount and club cards to your phone, to access them easily — no need to carry your heavy wallet, you just need your phone. All you have to do is scan your code and that's it. Main Features: geolocation - Portmonka knows where you are and which card to pick just scan barcode and you're ready to go detail view - for easier scanning My part of this project was basically the look. The word "Portmonka" itself is — in my language — an archaism for wallet. So my task was to re-create the wallet look and I think I did my best. I was working on this project together with @marek. It was a fun project to work on. Portmonka is only available in the Czech AppStore. Portmonka.com Portmonka - iOS AppStore Portmonka - Android Market

New Portfolio Design

Here is my very new grunge portfolio, this has been a new experience trying out a new style as it was very different from my previous design. This is a fully responsive html5 & css3 design and will scale down perfectly to all mobile devices ( well I've tested it on my iPhone and iPad ). Please Take a look and I hope you like it. Link - richardmccartney.co.uk

Portfolio Further Progress

Hey, I've done a little more work on my portfolio mockup and have just about finished the first draft of the homepage (minus the footer). Any opinion/advice before i progress?