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Orman Clark  Pro

Dunked.com Homepage Design

Homepage for my new project Dunked.com which has just gone live. I attempted to make the homepage more of a product tour than anything else. The logic being that potential customers/users can get a sense of what the product does right out of the gate without having to hunt around. Not sure if that worked but hey, it's a start. Bit of a challenge to know what to include and what to leave out with one-pagers. I wanted to keep the page relatively short but showcase the most important parts of the service. I'm sure it will evolve over time!

Premium Pixels Redesign

Whooo! PremiumPixels.com just got a makeover! Well, a couple of days ago now but it's still exciting, right? A redesign has been on my radar even since the first version went live but I've finally managed to find the time to get it off my to-do list. Goals: quicker, cleaner, easier to maintain, less 'stuff', more focus on the actual freebies. Think I managed it. The font used is Adelle via Typekit (sorry those of you on Windows/Chrome, font rendering is not great for you) which is snap to use by the way. Logo by Sean Farrell. Now, what to do with the old theme.... ?

Notepaper Comments

Playing around with some comment styling this morning. Notes, I like it.

Modal Box Contact Form

A play on some of the "quick contact forms" I've seen in recent designs. Might be an idea to pop one in a modal box.

Track List

Put together a little widget(?) that could display an album, the track list and some purchase links. Yeah, I'm a Lil Wayne fan. Sue me. Download the PSD if you like...

Relax, it's just a ribbon.

I like ribbons, think they look great when used sparingly. That's all :)


I thought I'd put a little work into a custom skin for a lightbox. I would have thought that this would be pretty simple to turn into a PrettyPhoto skin.

Moody Nav

I was looking a couple of app sites and thought this might fit in very nicely. Hopefully will get use this at some point.