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So on Friday Orman Clark and myself launched Snippi. It's a simple little thing for sharing code snippets with your buddies. Keen to hear all your thoughts on it.

Introducing MotionCAPTCHA 0.1 (again)

So, the last time was a preview - the only thing that's new is the documentation and downloads are finished :) Check out the first release of jQuery MotionCAPTCHA - "Stop Spam, Draw Shapes". The plugin combines MrDoob's Harmony Canvas experiment with the best parts of two gesture recognition algorithms. Although it's a proof-of-concept for now, I'm pretty confident that I can turn this into a production-ready CAPTCHA solution, featuring a PHP Captcha fallback, proper accessibility methods and server-side authorisation. Killing spam has never been so artistic! Demo: josscrowcroft.com/demos/motioncaptcha/ Homepage: josscrowcroft.com/projects/motioncaptcha-jquery-plugin/ Github: github.com/josscrowcroft/…

Remeber the awesome on/off switches by Orman Clark?

Remeber the awesome on/off switches PSD freebie by @ormanclark on premiumpixels.com? I have coded them into a little jquery plugin which converts your old & boring checkbox inputs into a pretty switches. Demo and download from labs.wizylabs.com/jquery/switches/


Design Inspiration Blog

If like me you crave daily inspiration then I invite you to check out my Tumblr blog, which I've just finished pimping, for the following: Web design, typography, illustration, logos, identity and icongraphy. Linky: blog.inspiredmark.com Many thanks, Mark

Personal homepage - thanks!

Thanks guys for all your killer feedback - I've taken a bunch on board and I'm getting happier and happier with this page as I go along. Big love, @Forrst :)

Design Freebie: Stylish Notifications

Posted a new PSD freebie on Designmoo. Pixel Pattern was done by Orman Clark Icons were done by Yummygum.

Sketching >> Final Mark

This is a shot from some of the sketching pages done while starting our new mark. The final mark is slapped on top showing the final product. Also see the link below to my blog entry covering the entire process.