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Dungeon Landing page is live

Hey Forrsters ! We've come a long way... But today Dungeon landing page is now live ! After weeks of design & tears, we are proud to deliver the first stone of the project, the feedbacks Forrst community gave us we're precious : http://forrst.com/posts/Which_domain_name_should_i_choose-GOj http://forrst.com/posts/Dungeon_Landing_page_WIP-GzI You can check out the landing page here [getdungeon.com](http://getdungeon.com) If you are curious about the Dungeon project and understand why we are doing it. Check out our blog http://blog.getdungeon.com/dungeon-the-beginning/

#Codeofduty Hackathon in Paris

Hi Forrster's ! This weekend i've participated to my first Hackathon organised by Criteo in Paris, it was an interesting journey, full of experience & of course exhausting ;) I went with my friend designer @YannSkar who is also helping me on my project [Dungeon](http://forrst.com/posts/Dungeon_admin_dashboard_WIP_2-GRT)

Dungeon Login page WIP

Hi Forrster's Still working on Dungeon so far, today i'm sharing with you guys Dungeon admin login page. So i made this deliberate choice to divide the page to 1/3 2/3, to try some interesting page transition between the login and the admin dashboard. What are your thought about this ? Do you prefer the "traditional" way of centered login ? Would you have done it differently ? Feedbacks are highly appreciated ! For the curious one >> So far on the project we are at : The crowdfunding campaign should begin soon, we finished the Landing page dev, we are finishing the video presentation (omagad this was horrible to do as a Ui Designer), The admin dashboard is being coded as i speak.... things are going smoothly

Dungeon Landing page WIP

Hey Forrsters ! I am still working on Dungeon, and today i'm sharing with you guys the project landing page. So basically it's a standard promotion page (we've seen this kind of landing pages thousand of times) As you may see on top their is a switch button, which will change the overall content of the page (i will share that second .jpg later) As i speak this landing page is developed ATM & change are made on the design everyday so i am still looking for overall feedbacks. ie: my last modification is the footer with the starry sky

Dungeon admin dashboard WIP #2

Hello Forrsters ! Beginning this week by sharing my work with you guys, as you may see things are going well, i'd like to thanks my coffee maker ^^ So i'd like to hear about the overall feeling on this dashboard, are things understandable enough ? does it lack something ? did i forget something important ? is there a flaw in the design ? As always when i'm getting further in a project, i kind of feel uneasy about the overall design and want to change everything :p Please folks help me get through this new design crisis >_

Dungeon gaming CMS admin dashboard WIP

Hi Forrste'rs ! Today i'm sharing with you some of my progress on the admin dashboard of Dungeon i'm still working on the layout, the overall feeling, adding manageable content and interesting stats. As always your concerns & feedback are highly appreciated !

Dungeon gaming CMS match "push" WIP

Hi again Forrster's ! i'm still working on Dungeon & today i focused on the match result posts. Advice, feelings & feedback would be lovely !

Dungeon gaming CMS default template WIP

Hi Forrster's ! As you may know yet the online gaming community is growing & the lack of gaming oriented CMS is a shame... in my previous posts i listened to your concerns & advices unfortunately i didn't have the time to made some adjustments on the logo, since i was working on this :) i will post real pixels ASAP, got to finish some widgets & modules... Enjoy ! Feedback highly appreciated