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Benjamin Reid


What's your big goal this year as a designer or developer?

Hey folks! I'd love to know what your big goal is this year as you further your craft — the one thing, above all others, you're just itching to accomplish. Fancy new job? Learn a new programming language? Explore a new style? Go solo? Let me know in the comments.

E-Commerce Site for Selling Wool

A friend who sorts all my hosting out for me approached me to design a site for a new venture selling wool products and accessories, and I jumped at the chance to help a friend out for free. He wanted the site to be friendly, approachable, and light in colour and also a large header with an illustration of somehow associated with knitting and wool. Initial thoughts were of a cottage and a feelings of homeliness and this is in the illustration. The colour scheme is a light one, focusing on pastel colours, mainly pink and blue, with a rainbow background to reflect the assortment of colours the wool will be available in. I'm currently designing the interior pages, specifically the single item page. The site is planned to be built using Magento and will be live soon.

Woody Allen - progress

Some more progress on the Woody Allen piece - he's nearly there! What do you think?

The new Google Chrome icon

... by me. I really dont like this new Chrome logo so I made one for myself. If you like it, you could download from here (now only .png): designpirates.hu/az-uj-chrome-logo-szerintem/ (e.g click on the bottom picture) If you like it, please like the post. Thanks, hope u enjoy it!

Email Pop-Up

Done a email pop-up version for our new system, following on from my preious snap