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Hello Bar Header Ad

Hi All Im looking to get a hello bar style header advert added to the top of my wordpress site, I'm looking for the kind that is the full width of the screen and is placed at the very top and can be manually hidden by the user. I already know about hellobar.com I want the same but want to be able to customize a lot more add images etc. A wp plugin or some css and a function would be great. Thanks in advance

Simple User Interface

Working on two user interface kits at the moment, these are some elements from one of the kits, let me know what you think :)

Half Moon music playing

I created this as an experiment, just got a bit sick of those straight sliders :) Im always trying to come up with new ideas for the ui. Ive inlcuded the link to the psd if anyone wants to download and have a play around with my experiment half moon slider.