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Niki Brown


CSS Transitions on a submit button?

Wondering if anyone can figure out why my css transitions are not workking on a form submit button... See the newsletter submit button on the lower right of the page: rocketmou.se/clients/glcc/dev/ Here's a link to the CSS in question: gist.github.com/…

Rocket Mouse Logo V4

Feeling kinda stuck with my logo at the moment. I'm happy with the type and I like the rocket by itself, but they feel like they don't go together. The rocket is build out of shapes from the typeface. Feelin kinda stuck. Any help?

Rocket Mouse V3

Version 3 of the logo. Gotham ultra bold italic - slightly modified. I'm diggin this one!

Rocket Mouse Logo V2

Still working on the logo - see the original here: forrst.com/posts/…. Using a heavyweight version of knockout, feels much better than the last typeface (will find another quirky use for it!)

Rocket Mouse Logo

Working on a logo for my freelance biz! I do mostly web and branding for small companies and startups. I'm going for something that is simple but quirky at the same time. If you've ever met me - you know that kind of represents my personality.

Boys Treasure

Mockup for an e-commerce site for little boys. A companion site to pinkheaven.co.uk/ Looking for feedback on the layout. Trying to simplify but still keep it fun.


Design for a mobile layout... based on this quick idea I had: nikibrown.com/2/ blah blah blah something something responsive design, something :)


and oh hell why not... one more!