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Nicolas Toth

Contact Scanner icon for feedback

I'm working on an icon and I was wondering about what kind of mock-up / presentation would work with it; please give feedback.

Critter Assembly Line ($4)

Hey, just wanted to know what you guys think of this creative kit; I've spent a lot of time on it, yet it is not selling:). Any constructive feedback?

Logo concept, please provide feedback

I've been working on this logo concept and I'd like some feedback. Also, still looking for a dribbble invite:).

Feedback, please.

I am working on a logo for a free online education non-profit organization, please give feedback on concept and suggestions for improving execution.

Feedback needed

Hi, I'm making a shield for a FB cover / wallpaper and I'd like to read some opinions on how to improve it. Also, I'm wondering why the curve between the outer ring and the inner ring is jagged on the sides.