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Erik Lydecker

Your Wallet

Hello Everybody! So this is a project I'm working on... obviously =) All graphics made in Fireworks CS6, works like a charm! Wallet is made of a denim-felt type material with some neat stitches on the sides =) The "cards" are made of thick recycled paper of some sort... So what do you think? What's good/bad? Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

Profile View

Hey guys! Long time no see =( Been too busy working with this new awesome mobile project that will change the way we deal with businesses for ever... that's what we are hoping for =) I need some feedback on the "overall look and feel" of this view, colors, objects, spacing, etc... I can't reveal the whole app at this point =( Many thanks!

New music player for iPad

I'm in the middle of creating something really cool for the iPad in terms of playing your favorite songs and make it look good at the party =) I'm posting this on my favorite "design community" since I'm looking for some feedback on the "control", you know that round thing =) Hope you will like the final product. Coming soon at an AppStore near you!


Introducing a new bread of Wordpress themes with a major focus on user experience and graphical design.

A Simple Snap from Fireworks CS5

Hey guys, This is just a simple snap all made in Fireworks CS5. This image contains many custom effects, brushes, patterns and textures all made in Fireworks CS5. I don't know about you guys, but it seems to me that Fireworks can handle the job =) Otherwise... I don't know if this is a nice button?

Simple Logo For Bakery

Hey guys, This is just a simple logo for my wife's coffee house / bakery in Stockholm, Sweden =) Feedback is always welcome! Thanks!

Tripl 404 Error Page

Hey Guys, When building big websites you will always have some kind of error and the users hate getting errors. So I decided to make getting an error something fun =) Hope you like!

Cloudapes Logo

So this is the first logo made for Cloudapes... a really neat service that most web people will love =) At least that's what we hope =) Feedback, thanks!