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Nathaniel Blackburn  Pro

CSS Button Generator (Redesign Concept)

I have gone for a modern and elegant design that has one or two tricks up it's sleeve. The **create** button transforms the websites content directly to the button editor, where the generate button is the one that will be changed by the editor providing a fluid and intuitive experience as well as fast access to the editor that you know and love.

Cubetures (Series 1)

This is a fun little icon set based on various cryptids confined to a square shape, so far the icon set contains the following... - Devil - Cyclops - Dracula - Slenderman - Zombie - Mummy - Ghost - Cthulhu - Skull - Spider - Bat - Clown - Grim Reaper - Frankenstein - Dragon - Werewolf - Creature from the Black Lagoon - Ju`on (_Grudge_) - Alien - Voodoo Doll [Buy](https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=D8lr2xo)

Map Markers

A simple set of vector map pin icons with a balanced colour scheme that works with both light and dark backgrounds. - Twelve colours. - Five formats (ai, eps, svg, psd, png). - Two styles (round, square). - Two variations (hollow, solid). - One colour pallete. Available for download [here](https://sellfy.com/p/ad4W/) or on [IconFinder](https://www.iconfinder.com/search/?q=iconset:map-markers).

$('#test').on('input', function(event) {
    var input = $(this),
        text = $(this).val(),
        regex = /[^a-z-]+/g;
    if (regex.test(text)) {
        return input.val(text.slice(0, -1));


Limiting input scope

I have been asked on several occasions what is a good way of limiting the scope of characters that can be entered into an input field, so i thought i would share my solution to this frequently asked problem. **This blocks all symbols except '-', uppercase letters and numbers.**

Forrst Inspired Google Chrome Theme

Hello Developers and Designers, As a thanks to the Forrst community, i have designed a Forrst inspired theme for your Google Chrome browser. The theme was designed around the visual style and schemer of the forrst website. Any feedback and comments are welcome as always and i look forward to seeing what you awesome people have to say. The theme is called Glade and can be found for FREE on the Chrome store or by visiting the following link... Download: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/… Details: nblackburn.me/… Best Wishes, Nathaniel Blackburn

Minimal CSS3 Notification Boxes

Hello, I have created some minimalistic css3 notification boxes and thought it would be nice to share them with the rest of the forrst community. They currently come in two types which are animated and basic. I hope you like them and hopefully i will be releasing them soon for everyone to use. Preview: screenr.com/… If you have any feedback or questions, you are more than welcome to leave me a comment below, thanks for looking. Kind Regards, Nathaniel Blackburn

Rexzooly's Forrst Profile Advertisement

This is a slider image i designed for a amazing friend of mine named "rexzooly", that was to advertise his forrst profile. The logo and background was designed from scratch with the inspiration of the amazing forrst website and its community. If you have any comments, you are welcome to post them as they always mean so much to me and thanks for looking. Logo: i.imgur.com/… Slider: i.imgur.com/…

Codevault Interface

This is my first concept on the design of my upcoming software Codevault. Codevault is a software application that makes signing your software and libraries easy without the need for the complex command line. As well as hopefully being visually nice to look at it also offers some nifty features, like detecting files that can be signed and also allowing you to save projects so you don't have to fill out the fields again etc.. I hope you like my concept and look forward to your feedback.