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Nathan Nash  Pro

Eventou Onboarding

Hey yall, this is my first time designing for iOS7 so I'm not really sure if I have the right aesthetic but I'm open to constructive criticism. What you're looking at now is the onboarding screen for a social networking app I'm designing. The concept I'm playing with is that the primary color will change based on the type of activity which is being presented e.g, Sports (there are three other activities each with their own color). Let me know what you think! Icons are from thenounproject


Mind Your Manners

A week or so ago I wrote my first design article on Medium on the topic of what I called "rude" user interface components. I welcome any discussion on the topic and would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. (Any tips on improving my writing would be great as well!).

iOS Icon

This is an icon for an iOS application that I'm in the process of designing

Journal App Bookshelf

update: I've edited the snap based on the critiques I've received. This is a lot stronger looking now.

Journal App Toolbar

Currently in the process of designing a toolbar for an iOS app. I want to do a bit more with the active state of the button, but I'm not sure how to approach it since it has a paper texture as opposed to a chrome/noise one. Power button is a placeholder icon.

Minimal Tumblog Design

Started playing around some typography in photoshop and before I knew it I was working on a minimalist blog design. Let me know what you think.

Embedded Tweet UI

I'm trying to get into the habit of designing something at least once every other day so I have something to do while looking for work. Today I decided to make a simple embedded tweet UI. I suppose you could have something like this in a site footer or a blog post. Edit: I'm trying to tweak the contrast but it it looks completely different on my MBP and my PC monitor

Bright Canvas Theme

I ditched the last concept I was working on and am trying out a new one. I suppose you would call it a single column theme? Let me know if there are any issues with visibility and readability; I know I got a lot of critiques regarding contrast last time. Generally looking for critiques on the: Layout Typography UI Elements Readability/Visibility